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Helping the Children in Iraq and Afghanistan

Photos from the Field

Medical group assisting in a village in Iraq

Children love marines.   The little girl on the left has a doll in her jacket that was sent from our group. (The marine holding her hand is a woman.)

Afghanistan:  Provincial reconstruction team - Gardez, Afghanistan

Afghanistan:  Afghan kids playing with pens sent as part of our package

Iraq:  Combined Medical Engagements (CME) are what the military calls bringing medical and civil support to the indigenous population. The female Marines and Corpsman were a vital link to the success of the operation; they alone cared for a significant amount of the local women and girls. Care included basic medical care and the handing out of antibiotics and medications for illnesses and endemic sicknesses. Additionally, food and water were passed out to the villagers who showed up for medical care. The operation started early in the morning and lasted the better part of the day. The Iraqi Security Forces on scene ensured that the area was protected from any type of insurgent attack and that people felt safe to come in for care. It ended up being a very productive day for the Marines and Iraqi Forces on scene.