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Santa Ynez Valley
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Bless his heart

Did you say you smelled something?

Is it time to get up yet?

Excuse me, stewardess ... I speak Jive!

Did you set the alarm?

Yes, dogs do go to heaven. I don't know about cats.

Hey Coyote's ... Helllllooooo !

Not as bad as my backpack was in training!

That's my tail. No, I am not a Unicorn. I think they last served in the Peloponnenesian wars, or something.

Just thought we'd drop in. Looking for decent dog treats. Right.

No, I'm not claustrophobic and I don't need any of that atavan, or dogavan, or whatever.

The Serve part of "to Protect and to Serve". Herr Ober! ... Is that Filet Mignon?

OK, guys, we get down to 5000 feet, and I'm goin' for that jerky I smell in your pocket!

Semper Fi

And then I dreamed ....

A kiss, by any other name, is still a kiss. Why are your eyes open? Oh that's right ... you can smell me.

Fussball with the enemy. Not good.

They say I'm supposed to get salt in my diet.

Actually, I'm German Shephard. Mix. Strong on the Mix. Ja wohl!

Is that Peyton Manning's dog out there I see? He's retired, already.

I think it's another 150 meters, maybe 250 ... I know, that's the LAST time you're going to play hearts with me. Queen of Spades RULES!

It's the RIGHT hand

It's the RIGHT hand. Either works for me.