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Sent from Iraq 16-Sep-2008
Letters From the Front

These are letters (and some photos) from the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq of those that are serving us; people who have families at home and are putting their lives at stake daily for all of us. Some of these stories really bring home the sacrifice they make.

For security reasons, names and addresses of the senders of these emails are "redacted", since this information is available worldwide on the Internet and may be a security risk. If you would like to send an email or letter to one of the originators of these messages, please contact us via this website.

These documents are stored as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. To obtain a copy of Acrobat Reader, CLICK HERE

To read a copy of one of the letters, click on the Date received.

9/04/2018 Image. A thankful letter.
7/24/2008Afghanistan From a nurse who works with the wounded before they are sent to Landstuhl AFB in Germany. A thankful letter.
8/20/2008Iraq Feedback from a platoon leader (leading about 30 people) with thanks and comments from receiving a package from home. In his thankfulness for the program, he also has suggestions and some humorous comments about their creative use of the package.
4/10/2008Afghanistan Special thanks from a COP (Combat OutPost) in Afghanistan.
9/11/2011Afghanistan 10th Anniversary of 9/11/2001
11/6/2015US Navy  
7/8/2016west of Irbil, Iraq  
3/15/2011Kahdahar, Afghanistan  
5/5/2011Khandahar, Afghanistan  
12/18/2015Afghanistan Samantha
3/18/2016USA CENTCOM  
7/12/2016USAF CENTCOM  
3/5/2016Afghanistan Marci the C-130 Pilot
6/1/2016Afghanistan Michelle
6/1/2016Afghanistan Marines, Tiltrotor Avionics Squadron 268
5/30/2016480th FS USAF Crew
7/1/2016188th SFS ARKANSAS, 108th SFS NEW JERSEY