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View of IED Explosion, Close-Up
[ Contains Expletives ]
  God Bless the USA
Slide Show, Music by Lee Greenwood

Afghanistan:  Interpreter at left. "Thanks so much for the very considerate package that you sent my Marines and Iwe have a need for everything in the package. Already the guys are arguing over who gets what, it's quite comical actually. And to answer your questions, yes, we do have children that would enjoy anything you can send. There is a village not more than a few hundred meters outside our COP (Combat Outpost), with many, many children. Routinely we patrol down there to ensure the village is safe and to talk with the elders. When we do venture to the village, Urmul, we take candy, clothes, and a variety of other humanitarian items for them to enjoy. I'm convinced they are the most grateful children in the world."

Afghanistan:  Just arrived.

Afghanistan: Doing some convoying

"Afghanistan: ... a group of us doing some convoying around out here. Navy included."

Afghanistan: "Afghan National Army Air Corps Mi-17 that I just flew around on"

Iraq: "Gang, In the attached photo, you can see a load of mail (pile on the right) that came to us at our distant Company Out Post (COP). Today May 22nd we just got mail dating Feb 10 and a few Valentines Cards, a bit late is better than not at all. These items we received are a direct result one family making a difference, being leaders by motivating others and creating a conduit to allow others to express their support for their troops."

Iraq: "The Front Lawn"

Iraq: "My Guard Dogs"

Iraq:  "Let me say thanks again for the support and all the good thoughts and well wishes. Knowing you guys support our actions makes a difficult job a little more tolerable. Please pass on to all of the students and other supporters our heartfelt thanks. Take care and I hope to hear from you again soon. Semper Fi, Mike"

"Natural Attractions"

Iraq: W Company Marines